Manolo et Cachou

A multi day journey with two donkeys as travel companions.

All those who have lived it will testify : it sems like nothing, but what adventure and joy !

It all begins with getting to know one another : we are going to get our friends from the paddy, we brush them, treat them, prepare them, then we learn how to tie the packsaddle and balance the vast pouches.

Next, we are ready for an initiation to donkey psychology and behavior, and after a brief excursion to the village we are ready for the grand departure ! The adventure begins the next morning ! Map in hand, it's like a big scavenger hunt ...

Travellers commonly encounter the inhabitants of this magnificent landscape, deer, capricorns, vulture families circling in the sky, there is the riverford to traverse ... finally in the evening, you arrive at your leg's guest house or a nice bivouac; in brief ... PURE BLISS !!   


From 360 € for 2 persons

2 days, one night, including :
lntroduction, training, overnight stay, half-pension, rental of a donkey, his/her equipment and food.
Caution : 400 €
Tailor-made trips.