The Gipsy Caravans

The Gipsy Caravans

"The red caravan"

For 2 people: A double-sized bed tucked into the west end.

For 4 people: There are two extra beds on the east end for children under 10 years of age.


Made to be environmentally friendly with wood from acacia trees, paint made from natural products,

double-paned windows and a green roof for thermal and sound insulation.

To the East: A gorgeous view of the valley and L’Estang, and from the bed tucked into the west end of the caravan, you get beautiful sunsets over the classically medieval village of Bargème, chickens to the right, horses to the left, it's a veritable window into life in the countryside.

"The pink caravan"

A very spacious caravan for 2 to 4 persons entirelw made from wood, with  kitchen, shower room and toilet, lovely decorations, all the comfort in nature, with a panoramic view of the farm and the valley to the south, the mountain to the north and of the medieval village and castle to the east  ... with the horses around....